Natural stone is renowned for its strength and durability, but it’s by no means immune to the constant barrage of rain, pollution, and extreme weather. Over time, stone and the mortar that holds it together can deteriorate in condition, which can cause major structural problems for a property if left untreated.

Our architectural stone masons have a wealth of expertise in stone repairs. We’ll restore your stonework with careful craftsmanship, to leave your walls, paving or architectural features looking magnificent once more.

Natural Stone Repairs & Fitting

Done professionally, stone repairs can add real value to a property, particularly period properties and stately homes where it’s essential that any stone fitting is in-keeping with the rest of the build. However as different types of natural stone require different treatment, from sand or cement filler to lime-based solutions, it’s crucial that you don’t cut corners with stone fittings and repairs if you want lasting results.

Tailored Stone Repair Service

Whether you require minor aesthetic improvements or comprehensive restoration work, Henley Stone Specialists has years of experience in repairing stonework, and can offer you the most in-keeping, cost-effective and lasting solution for your individual project. Based in West Yorkshire, we’ve worked on stone repairs all around the country, and take pride in our great customer service.

We’ll give you a competitive quote for the job, and provide a tailored solution, for stone repairs that will stand the test of time. If necessary, we can also chemically tint the colour of any new stone fittings, to ensure that they blend seamlessly in with the rest of the building. It’s our attention to detail and commitment to quality that makes our team of architectural stone masons stand out in the industry.

If your natural stone is in need of a makeover, give Henley Stone Specialists a call to get a free, no-obligation quote for stone repairs and fittings.

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