Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is an eyesore on any domestic or commercial property, and when you are targeted by vandalism you want to address the issue fast and prevent it from occurring again. Henley Stone Specialists are experts at graffiti removal, and can restore your stone walls to a seamless graffiti free finish with our expertise and professional services.

Removing Graffiti from Natural Stone

Natural stone is incredibly porous, which makes graffiti particularly hard to tackle with DIY solutions. In fact, trying to get rid of graffiti without a proper understanding of the type of surface and substance can leave your stonework looking even worse. On the other hand, a graffiti removal specialist can take care of the problem, to save you time and deliver a solution that works wonders on stubborn substances.

What’s more, if your property is located in an area that is vulnerable to vandalism, it’s important to take the initiative to prevent your walls from becoming a target for vandals again. Once the graffiti has been removed, your stone specialist can apply a protective coating on the walls of your property. By doing so, you can safeguard your stonework from paint, ink and other unwanted adhesives.

Why choose Henley Stone for Graffiti Removal

Our team of experts know exactly what graffiti removal products and techniques to use on each type of natural stone, and can remove all traces of vandalism with our efficient and reliable service. We understand the importance of removing graffiti fast, both for the appearance of your property and to deter the crime from occurring again. Henley Stone wastes no time in providing our customers with a quote and a custom solution, to address the problem as soon as possible.

Whether your home has been targeted with spray paint and ink or you think it’s finally time to remove the build up of graffiti from your commercial property, Henley Stone provides a cost-effective solution to help you make and keep your walls graffiti free.

To request a no-obligation quote from our professional graffiti removal team, contact us today to chat about your requirements.

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